how to apply eyelashes

When it comes to make up, false lashes are often the part people dread – or avoid altogether. You’ll have no doubt heard stories of eyelashes pinging off the corner of your eye, people getting lash glue everywhere, or finally getting the lashes on, only to find they’re nowhere near their lash line.

It’s not always easy to get right but, thankfully, there’s a lot of help out there.

If you search “How to apply false lashes” in YouTube, hundreds of videos come up, including some from well-known make-up artists like Lisa Eldridge, or the sisters behind Real Technique products (known as Pixiwoo on YouTube). And then there’s the beauty guru’s, like vChenay, Karrueche Tran, Samantha Ravndahl, and Huda Beauty.

But, before you watch the videos, here are a few handy tips and tricks to bear in mind when applying false lashes:

Make sure they fit before you apply them. There’s nothing worse than finally getting your lashes on, only to find they’re too big for your eyes.

Before applying any glue, hold the lashes up to your lash line and get a feel for them. If they need trimming, make sure you do it away from your eyes and cut bit-by-bit. That way you avoid cutting too much off at a time.

Don’t apply too much glue. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the more glue you apply, the better your lashes will stick. It’s not the case. It just means you have to wait longer for them to go tacky and things are likely to get messy. Place a thin layer of glue along the lash band.

Always wait for the glue to go tacky. It helps to avoid getting glue all over your eyelid and will increase the chances of your lashes staying put. Wait a few seconds for the lash glue to become tacky and you’re on the road to success. Stick them as close to the lash line as possible. This way they’ll look as natural as possible. Looking down when you’re applying them can really help with this. There’s no right or wrong place to start – many will start with the inner corner, pulling the lash towards the outer corner. You can either use tweezers or your fingers – it all depends on what you find easier. Just have a play around.

Make sure there’s no visible gap. The best way to do this is to pinch your false lashes together with your real ones. A coat or two of mascara will seal the deal and you’re good to go.

With individual lashes, you have more freedom as to where you place the lashes. The tips are exactly the same, except now you can decide exactly where you want the volume and length.

If you’ve any particularly sparse areas of lash that you want to fill in but don’t want to look too voluminous, individual lashes are a great option. Similarly, if you are a fan of the cat eye look, you can really build up the volume on your outer corner with individual lashes.

For individual lashes that provide volume, why not take a look at these individual flare lashes? Or if you’re looking for length, these single lashes are ideal.

Applying lashes doesn’t have to be scary – it can be a quick and easy way to add some drama and definition to your eyes. So, follow these tips, practice a few times, and you’ll soon be a pro at applying lashes.