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Eye Make-up Protein Remover Pads
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Eye Make-up Protein Remover Pads

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Rimini Eye Make-up Cleansing and Protein Remover Pads.Best Seller The Rimini Eye Make-Up Cleansing and Protein Remover Pads are pre-moisturised and used for removing dirt,oil ,grease and any residue from your skin around the eyes. Specially formulated ingredients , including Vitamin E and extract of Aloe Vera, protect sensitive skin around the eyes. Each Pot contains 30 Pads . How to use 1. Put one pad on closed eye before eyelash extension 2. Gently wipe around the eyelashes 3. Wait few seconds before and then apply the extensions.


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Dispatched Within 48 Hours

Free Delivery On Orders Over £15

Free Delivery On Orders Over £15